The first match in the Shodai Tiger Mask Intai (retirement) Countdown 3 will be against Alexander Otsuka on 3/11 at Tokyo Differ Ariake.


Satoru Sayama announced that Seikendo would be exchanging talent with Pancrase. They will have some fighters on Pancrase's year end show in December, which should give them some more exposure. Pancrase fighters will appear on their shows, which should help them draw since the Pancrase guys have name value in comparison.


ULTIMATE BOXING 6/11 Kanagawa Yokohama Arena 8,342
Masaake Satake won his first shoot match, beating Russian kickboxing champion Dennis Podoriyatin via 3-0 decision after three 3-minute rounds. Satake was able to outstrike with Dennis, scoring with right high and low kicks. Although Satake wasn't able to get the KO, he did knock Dennis down once with a right high kick.
SWA Heavyweight Champion and '98 Russian Absolute Champion Srutanmagomedaou Kaftas destroyed RINGS veteran Dick Vrij with strikes in 1:44. Frye had a convolsion in the ring after being KO'd, so the doctor had to attend to him.
Ebenezer Fontes Braga overwhelmed Russian Milzamagomedov Magomed. Although Braga put Magomed down in the second round with one of his deadly knees, Magomed was able to continue, so Braga won a 3-0 decision.
Russian Afmed Zunas, billed at 200 cm & 110 kg despite some rumor of him being 7'7", 260, made short work of Osamu Tachihikari. Tachihikari was cornered in 25 seconds and Zunas hit him time after time for the 0:54 KO.

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