Saitama Puroresu
Saitama Pro-Wrestling


From Victor Szanyi:
SPWC held their first show since April in Tokyo on 8/11 in Itabashi Sanbun Hall, which looked more like a hotel conference room, and was nicer than
their old underground gym. They also no longer use the tatami mats, but rather one large yellow mat. Secret beat Slash in 4:41. Fearful
Gorilla beat Nagasa Kancho in 5:41. Black Baron beat Naoshi Sano (who looked bigger than he usually does) in 5:25. As for the main event,
Survival Tobita beat Monstrous Beast-Human GYAOPPI (Gyaoppi is one of those "virtual pets" that was all the rage a few years ago) in 4:18 with
his piledriver onto a stack of chairs. Looking at the match times, it would appear the 3-minute time limit is no longer in effect. That,
along with the new mat and building, seems to show that SPWC is successful. SAMURAI TV was apparently there taping. The show drew
around 200 people.


From Victor Szanyi:
SPWC has announced that their next show will be August 11th in Tokyo, as they were banned from their previous arena. Tickets are 3500 yen, 4000 yen the day of the show. There's no word on a monster yet, but a few weeks back, Tobita purchased a turtle (I forget the type exactly, but it's raised for the purpose of eating). So, many fans are hoping the turtle will have "mutated" and attack Tobita ^_^.


From Victor Szanyi:
On 6/18 at an AOBA show at Aoba Kakutou Dojo in the semi-main event, Survival Tobita beat Japanese Ghost and Parent of Japanese Ghost. Tobita first fought the Ghost, overwhelmed him and made him cry. The Ghost then ran back to its parent, who then fought Tobita for being hard on its child. Tobita won with a piledriver. The parent was a "lantern ghost," but looked more like a giant carrot or potato. Pictures appear at this site: http://www.edit.ne.jp/~suga/iwa/record/r000618b.html .

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