Ladies Legend Pro-Wrestling


7/16 Kagoshima Arena 1,455
Carol Midori became the 10th holder of the LLPW Nintei Single Senshuken when she pinned Eagle in the Kido clutch at 14:09
Kandori beat Mizuki Endo in Endo's debut 10th anniversary match.
Shark & Okino beat MihoKayo when Okino used a Michinoku driver II on Noumi at 19:30


3/20 Tokyo Korakuen Hall 1,800
Black Joker made their 2nd successful defense of the LLPW Nintei 6 Woman Tag Senshuken, defeating Harley & Mizuki Endo & Aono when Eagle pinned Aono at 8:58.
In a kakutogi match, Kandori made Yakimowa Ryuboway (sp?) submit to a doushime sleeper at just 2:12. Ryuboway, who was a late replacement for the "female Rickson," is a 20-year-old Muay Thai champion from Lithuania. Kandori wants to fight the "female Rickson" once she's heeled, and still dreams of fighting Laila Ali.
In an exhibition match, Mizuki Endo made newcomer Harumi Ohata submit to an Argentine backbreaker at 3:36.


The "Female Rickson" broke her right thumb, so her 3/20 "shoot" match against Shinobu Kandori has been canceled.


Seikendo President Satoru Sayama is dispatching a mysterious Russian he claims is the ":female Rickson" to face Shinobu Kandori on the 3/20 LLPW show at Tokyo Korakuen Hall. Supposedly this women has fought 142 matches, including participating in some of the Russian Absolute shows. I'm sure this is a much tougher opponent than Laila Ali would/will be, but it's pretty obviously by this line of promoting and that it's at Korakuen that she isn't someone we'd be likely to know. Of course, it will most likely be a work.


2/8 Tokyo Differ Ariake 880
Rumi Kazama & Mizuki Endo beat Shinobu Kandori & X when Rumi made X submit at 6:32. X was a new LLPW wrestler that they trained who made her debut here. I guess there are 5 wrestlers that are being trained, but X was the most impressive in the sparring session Kandori had with each of them so she got to make her debut first.


L-1 2000 ~THE STRONGEST LADY~ 11/22 Tokyo Kokuritsu Yoyogi Kyogijo Dainitaiikukan
Shinobu Kandori made Yumiko Hotta submit to an udehishigigyakujujigatame at 7:50. This had a number of advantage changes (since it was worked). Both got some strikes in during standup. Hotta mounted Kandori and threw several thrusts to the head, but couldn't put Kandori away. Laila Ali was at ringside as a guest so Kandori could challenge her after beating Hotta. Kandori is apparently so desperate to fight her that she's willing to have it just be a boxing match if that's what it takes to get Ali in the ring. Ali has a boxing match in March, but may fight her sometime after that.
Irma Herhoff (sp) beat Mizuki Endo via doctor stop at 15:20. This sounded brutal. Endo was pretty clueless when it came to the guard, so she took tons of punches to the face. She bled from the nose, right eyelid, and left side of the head. Her bleach blond hair was dyed red. The doctor let the match continue the first time, but then stopped it the second time he inspected her.
Jd' referee Yoko Takahashi made Silviana Furunefield (sp?) submit to an udehishigigyakujujigatame at 1:28. Takahashi only does legit fights and has branched out from kickboxing into shooting, so she's the best prepared of the wrestling types and would most likely take this shows main eventers if she ever got the chance (which she won't). She could have beat Silviana in standup, but decided to take it to the ground instead, and it still only took her 88 seconds. This Gordeau protege probably wasn't very good because Takahashi is only amateur Shooto level.
Elina Baramonova beat Rumi Kazama in a long one-sided match via ref stop from continuous punches and elbows in the corner at 21:30. Baramonova tacked Kazama and mounted her early on. She also knocked her down around the 20 minute mark. Still, Kazama said she didn't regret participating in the match and would like to make L-1 a yearly event.


LLPW announced the full card for the 11/22 L-1 2000 ~THE STRONGEST LADY~ show. The main event is the first singles meeting between Shinobu Kandori & Yumiko Hotta since Kandori lost the 3WA title via ring out on 3/10/99. Of course, this time it's at least supposed to be a shoot. It's a one-match show, as the semifinal is Mizuki Endo vs. Alexander Karelin student Tachiana Baramonova (sp?). Rumi Kazama faces Elina Baramonova, who is also a Karelin student and no doubt a relative of Tachiana. Jd' referee Yoko Takahashi will face Gordeau protege Silviana Furunefield (sp?). There's also a two matches that involve non-wrestlers. Sydney Olympian Edants Da Silva had to cancel due to knee surgery.


10/8 Aichi Nagoya 850
Shinobu Kandori & Mizuki Endo beat Shark Tsuchiya & Sayori Okino when Endo used BM crush on Okino at 17:07.
Takako Inoue & Rumi Kazami beat Harley Saito & Keiko Aono when Takako pinned Aono at 15:54 following a back blow.
Eagle Sawai pinned Carlos Amano in her thunderfire powerbomb at 16:04.


Sydney Olympian Edants Da Silva will fill one of the vacant spots in the L-1 tournament. Da Silva represented Brazil in judo at 171 pounds, placing 7th.


10/3 Tokyo Korakuen Hall 1,690
Shinobu Kandori made Momoe Nakanishi submit to her udehishigigyakujujigatame at just 4:20.
Shark Tsuchiya & Carol Midori & Sayori Okino beat Harley Saito & Noriyo Tateno & Keiko Aono when Midori pinned Aono in a jackknife hold at 15:29.
Eagle Sawai & Rumi Kazama beat MihoKayo when Eagle pinned Noumi in her thunderfire powerbomb at 16:04.

The groupings in LLPW right now are as follows:
FRONTIER - Shinobu Kandori, Harley Saito, Noriyo Tateno, Mizuki Endo, Keiko Aono, Miho Watabe, & Yuki Noguchi
Black Joker - Eagle Sawai & Rumi Kazama plus free agent Takako Inoue
G-MAX - Carol Midori & Sayori Okino plus free agent Shark Tsuchiya


The 3rd L-1 will mark a return to it's original format, an 8 woman tournament. Unless they were going to have Hotta vs. Kandori, they didn't really have anything to sell a fight card show on. The return to tournament style is probably a good thing simply because it lessens the chance that there will be works.


The UFC style octagon cage that was used in the first two L-1's will not be used in the third. Instead, they'll use "pure ring." This may have to do with PRIDE taking over for UFC as the shoot organization. Unfortunately, the cage is much more conducive to good fights. In particular, you don't get these annoying breaks in the action so they can try to set the two fighters up in the center of the ring in the same position they were in when they were about to slide off the ring apron.
The wrestlers announced as participating in the L-1 show are Shinobu Kandori, Rumi Kazama, Yumiko Hotta, Mizuki Endo, & Yoko Takahashi. They are also looking to get some Syndey Olympians on their show.


9/2 Kanagawa Yokohama Bunka Taiikukan
Yumiko Hotta & Momoe Nakanishi beat Shinobu Kandori & Keiko Aono when Hotta made Aono submit to a hadakajime (naked choke) at 16:45.
The Black Joker group of Eagle Sawai & Rumi Kazama & Takako Inoue beat Manami Toyota & Nanae Takahashi & Miho Wakizawa in a decision match for the vacant LLPW Nintei 6 Woman Tag Senshuken when Rumi made Miho submit to a Dragon sleeper at 22:56.
Noriyo Tateno pinned Carol Midori at 13:31.
Shark Tsuchiya & Sayori Okino beat Harley Saito & Yuki Noguchi when Akino pinned Noguchi at 14:32. Noguchi, 17, debuted on 7/31 losing to Mizuki Endo in 6:39. She's about the same size as Kana Mizaki (163 cm, 63 kg) and appears to be fairly attractive. However, she grew up in Kawauichi-gun as a fan of Kurenai Yasha, so that has to make you skeptical about her. I think she wants to join G-MAX once she gets better. Right now her finisher is supposed to be la magistral, although it may be months before she actually wins with it.


Shinobu Kandori cancelled an appearance in a road movie because of a stomach problem. She's still going to wrestle on 9/2 as that is a major show. It appears this tag match against Hotta is building to them having a shoot on the 3rd L-1 show on 11/22, although I'll believe it's a shoot when I see it. Hotta & Kandori are supposed to wear shoot style finger gloves for the 9/2 tag.


8/30 Tokyo Korakuen Hall 1,880
The second of two matches to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Noriyo Tateno's debut saw her & Harley Saito go to a 10:00 draw with Miki Handa & Utako Hozumi, two original members of LLPW who came out of retirement for one night. Tateno is the 5th Japanese woman wrestler to reach the 20-year plateau, which is an elite group considering the other four are Jaguar, Devil, Chigusa, & Lioness. It's weird how being around a long time makes it seem like people are ancient. Tateno is actually only 34, so she's younger than several members of the "New Blood." After the match, they had a ceremony for Tateno, which a fair share of the Joshi Puroresu OG (old girls) were present for.
Shinobu Kandori & Keiko Aono beat Rumi Kazama & Takako Inoue when Kandori pinned Rumi at 13:34.
Eagle Sawai beat Carol Midori & Sayori Okino in a handicap match when she pinned Okino at 14:29.


Retired wrestler Itsuki Yamazaki, who teamed with Noriyo Tateno in AJW and WWF in the 80's as the JB Angels, will be Tateno's second in the tag match on 8/30 to honor the 20th anniversary of Tateno's debut (Tateno actually debuted on 7/12/81).
The 9/2 show at Kanagawa Yokohama Bunka Taiikukan has a really weak lineup. Proceeds are going to charity so that might keep them from totally embarrassing themselves numbers wise, but won't make them money either way. The main event is Shinobu Kandori & Keiko Aono vs. Yumiko Hotta or Kumiko Maekawa & Momoe Nakanishi. Black Joker (Eagle, Rumi, & Takako) faces Manami Toyota & Nanae Takahashi & Miho Wakizawa in a decision match for the LLPW Nintei 6 Woman Tag Senshuken. I'd say there's a 79% chance that Miho gets pinned, 20% chance that Nanae gets pinned, and 1% chance that the AJW team wins. Undercarder Aya Koyama is retiring on this show. She'll take on Carlos Amano in her retirement match.


Eagle wins LLPW title from LLPW Homepage

8/19 Saitama Soka Sports Kenko Toshi Sogo Taiikukan 2,810
Yondaime (4th) Tiger Mask & Rumi Kazami beat Shodai Tiger Mask & Shinobu Kandori when Yondaime made Shodai submit to an akiresukengatame at 13:29. This is surprising because Kandori & Shodai are easily the higher ranked wrestlers, but maybe Shodai realizes that he's just about reached the end of the line and it'll take results like this to get people to take his protege as something more than a star of a small indy promotion?
Eagle Sawai captured the LLPW Nintei Single Senshuken, pinning Harley Saito at 14:42. The title didn't help make people pay to see Harley vs. Kandori and the same will be true of Eagle vs. Kandori, but I guess something can be said for giving someone other than Kandori "a chance."
In the first of two matches to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Noriyo Tateno's debut, Tateno went to a double ring out with Etsuko Mita at 10:31 (or 10:01, depending on which source you believe).
In a man vs. woman mixed match, Miho Watabe pinned Mr. Buddhaman at 5:04 following a footstomp.


Shinobu Kandori supposedly has a fight lined up with a man that's in the 2000 Sydney Olympics. She can't reveal the person's name until after the Olympics, but said it's someone fairly large from a fight family and she'll have to fully become a man to defeat him.


LLPW is having two special matches to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Noriyo Tateno's debut. The first will be a singles match against Etsuko Mita on 8/19. This show is headlined by a mixed tag match where Shinobu Kandori teams with Shodai Tiger Mask against Rumi Kazama & Yondai Tiger Mask. Also Harley Saito defends the LLPW Nintei Single Senshuken against Eagle Sawai. The second special match for Tateno is on 8/30 where she teams with Harley against Utako Hozumi & Miki Handa. Hozumi was LLPW's original (and, with the exception of Omukai, only) idol wrestler, what a body, but she married WAR's Koji Ishinriki and they retired in 1994 to run a food stand. Handa was one of their best wrestlers and at the peak of her career after a successful heel turn where she got to instigate all kinds of problems, but got injured toward the end of 1995 and had to retire.


8/5 Fukushima Shirakawa Shi Cho Taiikukan 1,285
Shinobu Kandori & Carlos Amano beat Shark Tsuchiya & Sayori Okino when Kandori pinned Okino at 17:31.
Rumi Kazama & Takako Inoue beat Harley Saito & Keiko Aono when Rumi used a Dragon panther on Aono at 15:35.
Eagle Sawai beat Mizuki Endo & Miho Watabe in a handicap match when Watabe was pinned at 10:03.


7/20 Saitama Honkawagoe Pepe Hall Atlas 334
Shinobu Kandori & Keiko Aono beat Carol Midori & Shark Tsuchiya when Kandori pinned Midori at 18:18.
Takako Inoue pinned Noriyo Tateno at 13:44.
Harley Saito beat Sayori Okino by DQ at 11:33.


Kandori gets the beating of her life from Nikkan Sports

7/2 Tokyo DIFFER Ariake 1,258
Genichiru Tenryu TKO'd Shinobu Kandori at 2:11 of round 2. This was worked to look like it was real, and Tenryu was merciless. He punched and kicked Kandori in the face, making her left eye swell like crazy and "bleed internally." Finally Kandori's second threw the towel in and she was taken directly to the hospital. I guess the idea was to show that Kandori was tough since she took all this punishment and didn't give up. The problem is this match didn't draw very well (anything less than a sellout at an arena of this size on the day after it opened isn't drawing well for this match) and Tenryu was so dominant that there probably isn't need for a rematch, which ultimately is what Kandori needs because a loss of this type, even to a guy, damages her aura and she can't get it back without coming back and beating that person.
Rumi Kazama & Takako Inoue beat Momoe Nakanishi & Kayo Noumi when Rumi pinned Noumi at 13:17.
Eagle Sawai pinned Noriyo Tateno at 14:55.
Harley Saito pinned Mizuki Endo at 8:23.


7/1 Chiba Oami 825
Eagle Sawai & Rumi Kazama beat Shinobu Kandori & Mizuki Endo when Eagle pinned Endo in her thunderfire powerbomb.
Eagle pinned Miho Watabe at 4:24.


In order to be able to deal with Tenryu's nasty punches, Shinobu Kandori is training with Japan's super featherweight boxing champion, Koji Arisawa.


LLPW announced the first Shinobu Kandori vs. Genichiru Tenryu singles match as the main event of their 7/2 show at Tokyo DIFFER Ariake. Tenryu & Kandori have opposed each other in tag tournament matches in December 1995 & September 1998, but in the history of puroresu, this would be the biggest names to ever oppose each other in a man vs. woman singles match. That said, the plethora of man vs. woman matches this year, particularly with Kyoko Inoue wrestling men every night in FMW, has removed much of the novelty aspect of the mixed matches. Had they run this match in '98, it would definitely have been worth taking out a mid sized arena for. Still, I think Tenryu vs. Kandori would outdraw whatever LLPW plans on presenting on their 9/2 Kanagawa Yokohama Bunka Taiikukan show.


6/4 Tokyo Korakuen Hall 1,872
Manami Toyota & Tomoko Watanabe vs. Eagle Sawai & Rumi Kazama was a double KO at 18:29 so neither team won.
Shinobu Kandori & Keiko Aono beat Takako Inoue & Miyuki Fujii when Aono pinned Fujii in a violent power stone hold at 12:55.
Carol Midori & Sayori Okino defeated Harley Saito & Mizuki Endo when Midori pinned Endo at 16:50.


5/21 Chiba Isumi Chiku Takuya Mokuteki Kenshu Center 321
Eagle Sawai & Rumi Kazama beat Shinobu Kandori & Keiko Aono when Rumi pinned Aono at 13:43
Takako Inoue pinned Aya Koyama at 12:11. .
Harley Saito & Mizuki Endo beat Shark Tsuchiya & Carol Midori when Midori was DQ'd at 14:02.


5/17 Tokyo Korakuen Hall 1,625
Eagle Sawai & Rumi Kazama beat Shinobu Kandori & Mizuki Endo when Eagle pinned Endo at 17:38.
Shark Tsuchiya pinned champion Harley Saito in 8:59. Hopefully this won't set up a title match.


Shinobu Kandori is negotiating with Animal Hamaguchi's daughter, 22-year-old Kyoko, who is a top notch amateur wrestler. Leagues have been going after her for years, but the Olympics are this summer so they hope she'll finally turn pro when they are over. Since Kandori was a legit fighter and has no challengers in LLPW, the idea is that she needs someone like Kyoko in the league to get her to "exercise her actual ability." Of course, that was the eventual idea when they got judo star Junko Yagi (they initially put her with Kandori) and you see how far that or anyone who joined the league "Since 1993" went.


Not surprisingly, Rumi Kazama failed to medal in the Asian tai kwan do championships. Kazama faced a Chinese player in the first round, and she was getting hurt pretty badly so the ref had to stop it.


Rumi Kazama will represent Japan in the Tae Kwon Do championships in the Asian championships held from 5/13-16 in Hong Kong. Kazama will be in the 59-63kg weight class. Kazama has known the director, Kazunori Murayama for a long time and he wanted someone with some name value for publicity. Kazama was a tough fighter before she got into wrestling, but that was 15 years ago and it's been over a decade since she was in something resembling competition shape.


4/19 Tokyo Korakuen Hall 1,544
In a match to decide who would win A Block and advance to the final, Rumi Kazama & Takako Inoue defeated Miho Watabe & Aya Koyama when Takako used a Dragon panther (?) on Koyama.
In a match to decide who would win A Block and advance to the final, Eagle Sawai & Carol Midori beat Mizuki Endo & Keiko Aono when Midori used the victory driver on Aono at 14:57.
Rumi Kazama & Takako Inoue went on to win the tag tournament, beating Eagle Sawai & Carol Midori when Takako pinned Carol at 14:26.
In the semifinal, Shinobu Kandori beat Shark Tsuchiya & Crusher Maedomari & Sayori Okino in a handicap match when Crusher submitted to the udehishigigyakujujigatame at 10:58.


4/16 Tokyo 1,307
In a Tag Tournament B Block 1st Round Match, Mizuki Endo & Keiko Aona defeated Shark Tsuchiya & Aya Koyama when Endo pinned Shark at 20:34 following a lariat.
Harley Saito & Noriyo Tateno beat Eagle Sawai & Rumi Kazama when Harley Death Valley bombed Eagle at 16:22.


3/8 Tokyo Korakuen Hall 1,525
Harley Saito made her second successful defense of the LLPW Nintei Single Senshuken, defeating Rumi Kazama at 18;02 after a fisherman buster. Harley's days as champion are probably numbered since this show also didn't draw too well without Kandori on top. Of course, who would want to pay to see Rumi in a singles match?
Eagle Sawai & Sayori Okino defeated Shinobu Kandori & Keiko Aono when Okino made Aono submit to an arm bar at 19:56.
Mizuki Endo scored a minor upset when she pinned Carol Midori in a henkei Ligerbomb at 15:02.
Shark Tsuchiya won a handicap match over Miho Watabe & Aya Koyama. Why they would book this match is beyond me. Nobody is going to pay for the opening match, and neither LLPW wrestler got to pin Shark, so what the hell was the point? Shark scored both wins with her Tsuchibomb, beating Koyama in 11:18 and Watabe in 12:10.


2/9 Tokyo Korakuen Hall 1,605
The Tonpachi Machine Guns gained some revenge on Shinobu Kandori for defeating their weakest member, Mach Junji, in a singles match in December. Masao Orihara & Takeshi Ono were able to defeat the new (probably one-time) team of Kandori & Ryuji Hijikata in 14:00, but they couldn't defeat Mr. Joshi Puroresu herself. Instead, Ono pinned Hijikata in the falcon arrow. Since Kandori wasn't the one that was pinned, there will definitely be some sort of a rematch between her and Tonpachi. Of course this match had the requisite gender stereotype spots like Kandori kicking her opponents in the balls.
The rest of the card was Rumi Kazama with G-MAX vs. LLPW singles matches. LLPW got squashed here. They got a wins from Harley Saito over Shark Tsuchiya and Mizuki Endo over Crusher Maedomari, but Rumi and all the regular LLPW members of G-MAX (Eagle Sawai, Carol Midori, & Sayori Okino) won their matches, so G-MAX took the series 4-2. G-MAX was actually ahead 3-1 before when Harley beat Shark, so a surprising upset win for Noriyo Tateno would only have made the series a tie. Of course, Tateno didn't get that upset, she lost to Sawai in 7:22 following a powerbomb.


Shinobu Kandori had another chance to beat men on 2/9 at Tokyo Korakuen Hall. Kandori will team with Battlarts wrestler Ryuji Hijikata against the Tonpachi Machine Guns, Masao Orihara & Takeshi Ono. It will be pretty sad for Orihara & Ono if they lose because they have been a regular tag team for a couple of years and Hijikata is almost the lowest rated wrestler in Battlarts..


1/4 Tokyo Korakuen Hall 1,640
LLPW is always in need of an opponent for Shinobu Kandori because they have no one in the league that can present a credible challenge. 1999 was not a great year for Kandori because she lost the WWWA Sekai Single back to Yumiko Hotta, and didn't really have any other high profile matches against famous female athletes. At the end of the year, she began making headlines again because she released a nude photobook and defeated male wrestler Mach Junji. She continued that trend by announcing that she would like to face the daughter of the greatest heavyweight boxer ever, Muhammad Ali. Laila Ali, a 5-foot-10, 166 pound boxer that debuted on 10/8/99, has won her first three fights by knockout. Ali made $25,000 for her most recent fight, a second-round knockout of Nicolyn Armstrong on 12/10. It's all because of her last name, as her opponent made just $2,500. If LLPW has the money and can convince her to do some sort of a mixed match along the lines of Inoki vs. Muhammad, except not a terribly boring shoot where nothing is legal, it would garner a ton of publicity, and might draw the largest joshi puroresu house of the year. I'm sure it would suck, as the Gundarenko matches did (their shoot was boring and their work was too obvious), but that's not the point. The point is to make money and to enhance Kandori's image as the toughest male in women's wrestling, and such a match would do that.
Rumi Kazama & Eagle Sawai & Carol Midori became the 6th holders of the LLPW Nintei 6 Woman Tag Senshuken, defeating Harley Saito & Noriyo Tateno & Keiko Aono when Rumi used the kubigatame on Harley at 22:38. I hope this doesn't mean Rumi is going to give herself a shot at Harley's singles title.

12/9: Mr. Joshi Puroresu Beats A Man

Kandori celebrates her win over Junji from Nikkan Sports

12/9 Tokyo Korakuen Hall 1,877
Shinobu Kandori won a rare (in Japan, although that seems to be changing) man vs. woman mixed match, defeating
Battlarts undercarder Mach Junji in 10:40 with a noten he no ace kogeki (some kind of strike to the crown of the head, I think). Junji is really small, so there shouldn't have been much of a size difference. Also, Kandori is probably stronger and more imposing. Nikkan Sports is talking about the suspicion that Kandori is really a man increasing due to this win. Although this was the match that drew the crowd, the actual main event was Rumi Kazama & Eagle Sawai over Harley Saito Noriyo Tateno when Eagle lariated Tateno.

11/29: More of Kandori than I want to see

The first photobook of "Mr. Joshi Puroresu" Shinobu Kandori, called PHYSIQUE, is supposed to be coming out on 12/13. This is going to be an all nude book. The Nikkan Sports article says she's proud of her male sexual body, and the book is going to put forth her muscular beauty. Then it goes on to talk about how she has a chest like a male body builder. What's next, a Nicole Bass or Chyna cheesecake book? That Rie Tamada book is starting to sound awfully appealing...

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