Kingdom has a major show on 9/2 at near 5,000 seat Kanagawa Kawasaki Shi Taiikukan. The show is built around a one night tournament that features Yoshiaki Fujiwara, Kendo Nagasaki, Billy Jack Scott, Tachihikari, 3 natives I've never heard of, and one TBA. This promotion has barely run any shows since 1997, but you can tell they haven't learned anything from their past mistakes. Instead of trying to regain some semblance of a fan base, they try to come back with a big show that, based on the names they have, is guaranteed to crash and burn. Then they'll either be out of business for good or scraping around for a long time so they can get up enough money to promote their next failure. It's too bad because Scott is probably the best American at working shoots, and you never see him anywhere else.

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