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3/11 Tokyo Differ Ariake 800
KITO & Ichinomiya vs. Matsuda & Honma was thrown out at 16:51 because the seconds got involved. This led to an added match where
Matsuda & Honma & TJ Shinjuku & Takeru & Asian Cougar beat Ueno & KITO & Araiwa & Ichinomiya & Ishii when Honma pinned Araiwa at 4:51. Ichinomiya, by stipulation, was not supposed to wrestle because he's been exiled, but Ichinomiya declared himself "President" so he could overrule Asano's exile. Ichinomiya has demanded a death match with Honma on 4/17 at Korakuen because he's mad that Honma has come in and supported Asano.


2/25 Tokyo Korakuen Hall 2,000
In a Captains Fall Match, Matsuda & TJ Shinjuku & Takeru & Asian Cougar beat Ichinomiya & YUJI KITO & Yukihide Ueno & Tomohiro Ishii when Matsuda pinned Ichinomiya at 25:27. As a result of this, Ichinomiya is exiled from IWA Japan. Ichinomiya attacked President Asano after the match, but Tomoaki Honma showed up to make the save. Honma said he'd be participating in IWA wars as a free agent on the side of Asano now that he's graduated from Big Japan.


2/4 Kanagawa Yokohama Bunka Taiikukan 3,800
Terry Gordy & YUJI KITO & Yukihide Ueno & Akihito Ichinomiya & Tomohiro Ishii.beat Doug Gilbert & Keizo Matsuda & TJ Shinjuku & Ultra Sebun & Takashi Uwano in the IWA vs. Hanseikigun (anti-regular army) all out war when KITO pinnned Matsuda at 20:45. Gordy pinned Gilbert at some point, but I don't think that was the actual finish (although it depends which site you believe). In any case, Gordy & KITO were the only survivors. President Asano was a sub referee, but Ichinomiya took him out with a fireball to the eye. Asano was taken directly to the hospital. This sets up a match on the 2/25 Tokyo Korakuen Hall show where the leader of the losing team will be "banished."
Yoshinari Ogawa & Daisuke Ikeda beat Takao Omori & Satoru Asako when Ikeda pinned Asako at just 9:11.
Yoshinobu Kanemaru & Naomichi Marufuji defeated The Great Takeru & Asian Cougar when Kanemaru pinned Takeru at 16:10.


The Great Kabuki is going to do a campaign for the Japanese version of Tower Records in February. I'm not sure what this entails other than them making a promotional poster with his picture on it.


The main event of IWA's biggest show in a long while, 2/4 at Kanagawa Yokohama Bunka Taiikukan, will be an IWA vs. Hanseikigun (anti-regular army) all out war with Doug Gilbert & Keizo Matsuda & TJ Shinjuku & Ultra Sebun & Takashi Uwano vs. Terry Gordy & YUJI KITO & Yukihide Ueno & Akihito Ichinomiya & Tomohiro Ishii. The big deal about the main event is that Ichinomiya recruited Gordy. The thing is, Gordy has been back to Japan enough times since his heyday that everyone realizes he's way over the hill. Still, I'd rather see him in the Baba memorial match than Kimala since at least Gordy was a former holder of the Sankan Heavykyu Senshuken. NOAH is sending their own match, Ogawa & Ikeda vs. Omori & Asako, plus there's an interpromotional junior match with Marufuji & Kenta Kobayashi against The Great Takeru & Asian Cougar. Obviously, sending the rookie Kobayashi off to work with two guys he's never wrestled before in a "big" interpromotional match is not exactly the ideal way to give the kid a chance. Although IWA no longer has any women wrestlers, they are having Shimoda & Mita against Genki & Yuka Nakamura. This will be pretty good, but why bother if the best you can get to team with Genki is a greatly outclassed obvious jobber like Nakamura?


1/14 Niigata Phase 680
Mr. Pogo redebuted in IWA, going to a no contest with heel Akihito Ichinomiya at 7:57 when Ichinomiya's cronies Tomohiro Ishii and Yukehide Ueno ran in. Pogo appologized for leaving IWA two years ago, so Asano agreed to cooperate with him on the next IWA show on 2/4.


1/13 Tokyo Korakuen Hall
Mr. Pogo showed up and said he'd like to help President Asano suppress the rebel army. Asano doesn't know if he should trust him because Pogo left IWA to work elsewhere a two years ago.


President Asano did a spoof retirement angle. he said he was retiring because he was tired. Kodo Fuyuki showed up and Asano was presented with some Pro Commander F thing that he's selling in conjunction with FMW. This cheered him up and restored a little of his energy, so he immediately rescinded his retirement announcement..Tarzan Goto was pissed that Asano came out of retirement. A chrysanthemum (type of flower) was thrown and there was a pull apart, all setting up Fuyuki & Chocoball Mukai against Goto & KITO on the 12/26 IWA show at Korakuen Hall.


10/13 Tokyo Korakuen Hall 1,760
Tarzan Goto & Freddy Kruegar #3 & Boogie Man beat Yoshiya Yamashita & YUJI KITO & Michelle Starr.
Honky Tonk Man pinned Katsumi Hirano at 9:03. Asano was in Honky's corner dressed up like Elvis.


Honky Tonk Man arrived in Japan, and was given VIP treatment, including a limousine and donuts, because President Asano believes he's Elvis Pressley. Honky refused the donuts, so I guess that further proves that he really isn't Elvis, but Asano still insists that he is.


President Asano showed The Great Sasuke a picture of the Elvis Pressley that is supposed to show up at the 10/13 IWA show at Korakuen Hall. Sasuke was not fooled into believing it was the deceased singer, instead he identied "Elvis" as The Honky Tonk Man.

9/4: Elvis To Visit Korakuen Next Month

9/4 Tokyo Korakuen Hall
Tarzan Goto & Juggernaut & Freddy Kruegar #3 beat Yoshiya Yamashita & Keizo Matsuda & Michelle Starr when Juggernaut pinned Matsuda at 21:15. As per the stips, this means President Asano has to spend 10,000,000-en buying up 10,000 copies of his own CD. However, Asano granted himself an exemption promising that he'd sell his CD's by recording a duet with (the late, definitely not great) Elvis Presley and then sell the current CD and the new CD as a package. Asano claims Elvis is alive, and he even talked to him on the phone yesterday. Asano said, "For Korakuen rally on October 13th, Presley comes." He then tore the 10,000,000-en bill up, threw it away, and disappeared into the night. I'm not making this bullshit up. Rumor has it that Asano will be writing the duet rather than Elvis. Okay, I'm making that part up.


The latest angle involving IWA President Asano's "Sutekina 16-sai (16-year-old)" CD is that it has record breaking non-popularity. It has only sold 200 copies since it came out on 6/28, and some of those were returned because it sucked so badly. Supposedly it needed 10,000 sales to be profitable. It doesn't look like it's going to reach that mark within the next century, so a 6 man tag match where the person that gets pinned has to buy 10,000 copies has been set for 9/4 at Tokyo Korakuen Hall. The match pits Asano's team of Yoshiya Yamashita & Keizo Matsuda & Michelle Starr vs. Tarzan Goto & Juggernaut & Freddy Kruegar #3. Imagine spending 10,000,000-en on copies of your own CD that no one will buy from you?


7/18 Tokyo Korakuen Hall 1,860
Kikuchi from public relations tried to scare the fans by saying that President Asano, who had been missing, was dead (what a stupid thing to joke about). Luckily, Asano showed up alive and well and introduced his debut music piece "Watashi no 16 sai (My 16 Year-old)."


5/27 Hokkaido Sapporo Teison Hall 2,200
Tarzan Goto & Freddy Krueger #3 & Nut beat Leatherface & Yoshiya Yamashita & IWA President Asano when Freddy pinned Asano at 12:50. Asano's new American find Michelle Star debuted, distracting Goto's Crazy Buffalo army with a dance and eventually kissing Goto.


5/25 Aomori Mutsu Shi Min Taiikukan
Tarzan Goto & Freddy Kruegar #3 beat Yoshiya Yamashita & Keizo Matsuda when Goto pinned Matsuda at 23:33.


5/24 Iwate Ichinoseki Bunka Center
Leatherface & Yoshiya Yamashita beat Tarzan Goto & Freddy Kruegar when Yamashita pinned Freddy in a zenpo kaitenebigatame at 16:39.


3/17 Kanagawa Yokohama Bunka Taiikukan 3,200
Tarzan Goto & Kendo Nagasaki & Ichiro Yaguchi & Freddy Kreugar & Freddy Kreugar #3 beat Leatherface & Jason The Terrible & Keizo Matsuda & Katsumi Hirano & Yoshiya Yamashita in a 2 out of 3 fall match where the losing teams manager had to be put in a coffin like a dead body. Yamashita used a northern lights suplex to pin Freddy #3 at 2:11. The second fall saw Goto lariat Hirano at 15:46. Freddy #3 got revenge on Yamashita in the third fall, pinning him at 6:32 after a chokeslam. This meant that IWA President Asano had to succumb to the mock funeral that included a woman bursting out in tears over his "death" and being carried off to a car to be driven to a Yokohama cemetary (I guess). Yamashita tried to break up the ceremony before they could get Asano out of the arena, but he failed so he sobbed and vowed to make up for it on the 4/9 show at Tokyo Korakuen Hall.


2/11 Tokyo Korakuen Hall 1,880 sellout
IWA President Okoshi Asano made his debut today against Freddy Kruegar #1 & #2 in a hair vs. mask handicap match. Asano actually won the match with an udehishigigyakujujigatame on #2 at 2:16 to force #2 to unmask.
Tarzan Goto & Kendo Nagasaki & Ichiro Yaguchi beat Jason The Terrible & Keizo Matsuda & Yoshiya Yamashita in a Street Fight 6 Man Tag Match when Nagasaki used his piledriver on Yamashita at 18:52.
Leatherface beat Freddy Kruegar in a Scramble Bunkhouse Death Match with a diving elbow drop at 4:41.


1/9 Tokyo Korakuen Hall 2,000 sellout
Tarzan Goto & Kana Mizaka and MAYA beat Yoshiya Yamashita & Shark Tsuchiya & Crusher Maedomari when Goto lariated Crusher at 17:16. The match was probably awful with one non-wrestler, MAYA, who I guess stayed on the apron just about the whole time (since in Japan they realize that people don't watch pro wrestling to see stiffs like Oklahoma and Jerry Only "try to wrestle") and several whose best efforts still leave you wondering if they are really pros. However, IWA drew the sellout for the mixed match because they are still a novelty in Japan until Kyoko Inoue wrestles too many men. That said, it does make sense for MAYA to try to wrestle once in a while since she interferes in all her wrestlers matches on a regular basis, ie Sensational Sherri.
In the semifinal, Leatherface & Jason The Terrible made their first successful defense of the IWA Nintai Sekai Tag Senshuken, dropping Kendo Nagasaki & Yuiichi Taniguchi when Leatherface gave Taniguchi a diving sledgehammer at 15:54.

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