Kodo Fuyuki, not surprisingly, returned to Japan with permission to start ECW Japan. This league will be what you'd expect, Fuyuki and cronies plus whatever ECW guys Fuyuki is able to book into Japan. The Fuyuki banishment angle was just an excuse for him to start a "rival promotion" to feud with FMW. He's already declared that he'll lead a counterattack against FMW Entertainment Puroresu to get his revenge against the league that banned him. He's pledged publicly to appear on FMW's 1/5/00 Korakuen Hall show, so one found figure he'd launch the first step of his "counterattack" at that time.


Kodo Fuyuki, currently "banned" from FMW, is going to the US to negotiate with ECW owner Paul Heyman. Fuyuki, who has booked ECW wrestlers onto FMW shows in the past, as recently as 11/23/99, wants ECW to have more of a presence in Japan. If Fuyuki can work out a deal with Heyman, something known as ECW Japan will be formed. I'm guessing this would be run by Fuyuki and consist of Fuyuki, his cronies, and whoever ECW sends over to tour. Eventually, when Fuyuki is no longer banned (read: the banishment angle has run its course), they could do some kind of FMW vs. ECW Japan program like the old FMW vs. W*ING program where they tried to pretend W*ING was a separate entity. In any case, they'll have to be with or against FMW at some point because Fuyuki is still running the show there.

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