If you have something you think I could use, please bring it to my attention. I'm looking for suppliers of current puroresu, puroresu classics, Japanese MMA, lucha libre, & kickboxing TV shows & commercial releases, and any older shows (especially '70's-'90's stuff) I don't have as long as the video quality is high and it isn't a converted .avi/.mp4/whatever file. There are always a few leagues I haven't gotten around to adding, but for the most part, the leagues I trade for are the ones you see on my lists. Basically, I won't trade for American wrestling, but I'll trade for most stuff from Japan & Mexico, & UK wrestling if it's World of Sport era stuff. I am always looking to upgrade the video quality of my collection, so I might trade for something I already have if your quality is better than mine. I might be interested in trading for puroresu mooks (especially roster mooks), photobooks, or other merchandise/memorabilia. I'll trade for Magic The Gathering cards if they'll help me win.

In our first trade, I won't send you anything until I verify that your DVDs have arrived and look like you said they would. This may sound harsh, but to avoid actually paying some people will just set up a trade for items they probably don't even have, and then disappear like a thief in the night once you've sent their stuff. It's not that difficult when you don't maintain a web presence. Either that or they'll claim to be sending perfect quality stuff, but it turns out to be calcified old footage that appears to have been discovered by the film archivers about 20 years too late on a tape that still has half an episode of the Patty Duke show they recorded your stuff over.


Contact info
All orders and inquiries should be e-mailed to When you e-mail me your order, I'll send you the information necessary to make the payment